• Company


    What’s with the name?

    Wolaco stands for Way of Life Athletic company. We believe firmly that a healthy life leads to a happy life and we strive everyday to create products and support the active way of life.

    WOLACO isn’t just a name written across our product’s waist band. It isn’t just a logo or a brand name. WOLACO is a choice, an action, and a way of life. As young professionals entering the “real world”, we realized it was one of the first times we had the real opportunity to shape the person we wanted to be. Realizing that movement, exercise, overall health and wellness made us more efficient, more ambitious, and more effective humans, we set out to create a product that embodied this Way Of Life.

    How do you think about designing products?

    We’re athletes ourselves so we take pride in designing products that we would wear. That means sourcing new and interesting performance fabrics from around the world designed for comfort and durability. With you in mind, premium fabric quality and stitching is our priority. Always.

  • Product and Fit


    What size phone fits in WOLACO compression pockets?

    All of our compressions are compatible with every generation of iPhone. It will fit the iPhone 7 plus, possibly with a case depending on the shape and material of the case. The current media pocket is 6.25 x 3.25 inches, the iPhone 7 is approximately 5.45 x 2.65 inches, and our pocket stretches!

    How do I wash my WOLACO compression gear?

    Normal wash with cold water and soap is all you need!

    I’m “this size waist” what size do you think I am?

    Size: S M L XL XXL
    Waist (inch): 25-28 29-32 33-36 37-40 41-44
    Waist (cm): 63.5-72 73-82 83-92 93-102 103-111.5

    When will you release new colors?

    We like to release new colors seasonally so when the weather starts changing, you can be sure that our product development team is in the lab conjuring up the new flavor of the season. Have a suggestion? We’re always listening to what our customers want. Email info@wolaco.com for colors you’d like to see.

  • Returns and exchanges


    What is WOLACO’s return policy?

    We typically return or exchange unworn items. If you have received an item that has visible damage upon arrival, please take a picture and send to info@wolaco.com to request a new item or refund.

    What is the status of my order?

    For all order inquiries, email info@wolaco.com to check on the status of your order.

  • Orders and Shipping


    Where do you ship?

    Most places on Earth. Plans are in the works to support shipment to Mars in 2024.

    What are your shipping methods and how long do they take?

    Shipping domestically in the United States can take anywhere from 3-5 business days upon order finalization. For our friends in other areas of the world, expect delivery 1-3 weeks upon your order. Due to increased demand globally, we’re working hard to cut down on this time for you.

    Where else can I buy WOLACO?

    Since you’re already here in our store (hey there good looking 👋), you can also buy WOLACO gear on Amazon and in a handful of Equinox gyms in the United States.

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